Pashto Landy

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Pashto Landay
Anonymouse Pashto Couplets

Landay are those national couplets in Pashto whose authors are unkown. They can, therefore, be called mirrors which reflect the sentiments and passions of every sensitive pashtoon man and woman.

     These couplets are sung and enjoyed among lofty mountains, verdant valleys, vast deserts and sylvan sorroundings, in villages and towns, by the side of the cascading waterfall and the humble nomadic tent, on the sheperd's flute and the orchard-keeper's reedpipe, in short in every corner of the land of the Pashtoons.

The oldsters sing them in memory of a youth which is no more; youngmen and maidens seek the intoxicating tumult of a passionate youth in their lines; for the lovelorn they are messengers of words sweet and divine; the swordsmen dance to their melody on the battlefield; and the weary traveller forgets the pangs of separation from


These couplets, composed of plain, easily understood, yet fluent language, are totally free of the influence of foreign, languages. Although some pushto poems are based on Arabic prosody yet these couplets are not only unfettered by Arabic versifictation, they are based on a syllabic-prosody of their own in as much as the first line of the couplet has nine syllables and the second theirteen.

Another outstanding quality of these couplets in that contrary to the general pattern of poetry in most (landay) the woman address the man. This is so because compared to the male the setiments of the female are more tender, her sorrow more profound and he voice more sweeter, and that is why the (landay) are more moving in their effects, and the enjoyment is proportionately greator than that found in conventional pushto poetry.

           Some Pashto Landy

If you do not fall a martyr in the battle of Maiwand;
Then darling the times preserve you for future disgrace


The blooming season of your beauty will pass;
But the scorched patches on my heart will always remain fresh.home in their sweet words

Give me your hand once for all;
I will remember this hand clasp for a long time

I used to raise flowers in the presence of my beloved;
The flowers grew, but my beloved was taken away by the black earth

My heart is like a child; it cries,
and demands flowers from a stranger's garden

I used to be more fresh than spring blossoms, O Beloved!
But your separation has turned me yellow like an autumn leaf

Had i known the pangs of separation,
I would have clung tight to the hand of my beloved

Obstinate one! let me kiss you once;
for your beauty and youth and my beseeching (craving) are not everlasting.

I used to tell him that separation is a fact;
but my optimistic lover used to laugh it off to reassure me.

My heart complained to the eyes;
It is you who see; but it is my lot to suffer.

The eyes replied,
"You fell in love, but we shed tears of loves".

I dream of you at night and then,
get up in the dead of night to sigh till down.

Do not come when I am not home my darling!
Because who will sweep the house clean with his eyelashes if am absent.

My sweetheart came for a bath to the river;
Turn me O Lord, into a swallow so that I may fly over her in a zigzag manner.

You that sit upon the throne of justice;
Be fair to me, for I have come to you with a complaint.

May you recover from your serious illness!
I cannot come to you person, accept this gift of prayers!

If you like to see me come to the place
where I fill my jug with water I will slowly fill my jug with my palms

Laughter becomes you my beloved!
As far me, I have lots os sorrows to think of

Separation kills me, union scorches me!
O whta a lunatic am i who can withstand neither this not that!

The water will bring you a strand of my looks;
Intercept the flow of water O co-sharer of my sorrow!

My beloved returned unsuccessful from the battle;
I repent the kiss which I gave him last night

What has befallen in the Pond?
Her younger sister chaperoniny her.

I thought myself a King in imagination
but when i raised my head I found myself to be the same fakir which i was.

You started loving, not I:
Now when the scandal has come into the open you blame me

Perish this beauty and youth of mine;
upon which handsome youngmen sacrifice thier lives. I have been turned into a murderress

Come, be the nosegay upon my bosom,
so that I may freshen you up with my laugh every morning